Customs clearance

GSK Logistics Company works in the field of the customs clearance and logistics since 2001. Rendering these services for over 18 years, we have acquired professional skills and experience in the clearance of the wide range of goods. Being one of the largest companies in its field, we carry out the customs and logistics operations in the activity zone of the Baltic, Saint Petersburg, Pulkovo, Kingisepp, Vyborg, Novorossiysk, Vladivostok, Petrozavodsk, Smolensk, Bryansk, Kursk, Pskov, Murmansk customs, customs of the Central Customs Directorate, Northwest Excise customs post (specialized) of the Central Excise customs.

Customs clearance is a procedure, which must be performed when transporting the goods across the border. It involves a number of formalities, connected with preparation of the necessary documents, declaration of the goods, and payment of all required duties. The procedure of customs clearance is the submission of the customs declaration for the goods to the customs authority, which is authorized to accept customs declarations. The document must contain accurate and detailed information on the transported goods. GSK Logistics Company works with the following types of cargo:

- Any food products,
- Consumer goods,
- Chemicals,
- Sophisticated equipment of the plants and lines, supplied according to the classification decisions,
- Metals and articles made therefrom (including rolled metal products),
- Clothing,
- Mass market products,
- Cellulose and paper goods,
- Excise goods,
- Road-building machinery, commercial transport, cars, trailers, water transport and so on.

When you refer to the experts of GSK Logistics you do not have to penetrate into the process of examining every detail by your own, instead you receive the “turnkey” service. Transportation of any goods from one part of the world to another, implying the preparation of the documents, classification of goods, electronic declaration, calculation of risks, cargo insurance, - is no longer a problem, but simply a task raised before the professionals.

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