Survey services

Survey services are a set of economic and industrial activities, carried out within the organization of cargo transportation. This type of service means inspection, examination of the goods in order to assess the conditions of its allocation and movement.

Survey activity is an assessment of the quality of the cargo, based on its physico-chemical or biological condition. Condition examination is checked and confirmed by accredited laboratories.

GSK Logistics Company provides survey services for all types of cargo.

Cargo inspection before/ in the course/ after cargo operations includes:

Preliminary inspection: visual inspection, necessary shipping documents checking, preparation of cargo;

Inspection of the packing, labeling condition;

Inspection of the sealed containers, tanks, cars, cargo securing;
Inspection of the cargo transshipment at the vehicle change;
Inspection of the cargo spaces before and after unloading.

Inspection of the cargo quality, that is, its visual inspection, cargo identification, sampling and analyzes performance, carried out at several stages, namely:

Incoming inspection, when the cargo arrives in the warehouse;

Quality control of the goods in a warehouse;
Output checking of the cargo when it is loading into a vehicle.

Other services, included in the surveyor, are also performed, for example:

Survey inspection of dangerous goods in pack;
Filling of declarations and other necessary documents for dangerous cargo to submit to the ferry and shipping companies;
Independent examinations of emergency events and insurance accidents;
Surveillance and inspection of handling operations;
and others.

Carrying out of any examination is confirmed by corresponding certificates and internationally recognized reports, containing true and complete information on the performance, using regulations and results of the performed analysis.

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