Warehouse Logistics

Warehouse logistics is arrangement of cargo allocation, its warehousing, handling and packing. It allows maximally arrange and, therefore, simplify the transportation.

Effective organization of the warehouse logistics allows comfortable transshipment of the cargoes from containers to motor transport and vice versa, forming the temporary storage warehouse, carrying out weighing, palletizing, labeling, cargo consolidation, and weight control, as required, preparing regular reports and maintaining stock records. Our partner in the field of warehouse logistics is the Customs and Logistics Terminal “Ludonsky”, located in Pytalovo of Pskov Region (“Baltia+”), providing a full range of customs and terminal services for cargo arriving to Russia by motor transport and railway across the borders from Lithuania , Latvia and Estonia. In the territory of the warehouse there is a fixed customs post and phyto-veterinary control post. CLT “Ludonsky” is a modern warehouse complex, corresponding to the European standards of service quality for storage and handling of various cargoes before and after customs clearance.

The terminal owns railway track, locomotive, container yard. The goods are transported by own locomotive via own railway branch of “Baltia+” LLC from the railway border crossing point Skangali to the customs control zone.

• Total area of the CLT “Ludonsky” land parcel – 53,945 m2
• Total area of the open container yard – 7,638 m2, simultaneous allocation of 2,000 containers
• Total area of the customs control zone – 7,832 m2
• Total area of the temporary storage warehouse zone – 22,818 m2
• Area of the refrigerating unit – 60.42 m2
• Volume of the refrigerating unit – 230 m3
• Temperature conditions of the refrigerating unit - 60°C
• Area of the freezer – 60.42 m2
• Volume of the freezer – 230 m3
• Temperature conditions of the freezer – 200°C
• Total area of the temporary storage warehouse – 2,251.7 m2
• Total capacity of the temporary storage warehouse – 12,995 m3
• Uncommon use local railway track – 512 m, equipped with security cameras and data collection and processing system

Terminal facilities:
• Richtracker “Kalmar” - carrying capacity 45 tons
• Locomotive TMG – 23V
• Modern handling equipment
• Weighing equipment

Modern technological infrastructure of the terminal:
• electronic declaration;
• advance notification;
• remote release of the goods and vehicles;

Television, armed and fire alarm systems with full warehouse liability insurance provide the clients with reliable storage and possible losses recovery.

There are laboratories in the territory of the CLT “Ludonsky” “ Baltia +” LLC:
• phytoservices;
• veterinary service.

This allows you to carry out prompt proper control over the goods arriving in the terminal and provide customs clearance of this cargo category.

Execution of permits:
• Certificate of Conformity to the Technical Regulations
• Declaration of Conformity
• Product expert analysis
• SGS expert analysis and others.

Full range of warehousing services:
• Safe storage (floor, racks, open area) in the customs regimes of temporary storage warehouse and free warehouse regime;
• Various operations with oversize cargoes;
• Storage in the refrigerating unit (-60 °C);
• Storage in the freezer (-200 °C).

In the territory of the CLT an elevator was put into operation, which is located on the railways, and it is possible to organize the acceptance and discharge of any bulk cargo from the railway cars in accordance with the requirements of Rosselhoznador (Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance).
• Characteristics of the elevator:
• Total capacity of the elevator: 40 tons
• Productive capacity: 20 tons/ hour (2 screw conveyors, 10 tons/ hour each)
The terminal is equipped for acceptance and handling of cars and railway containers with transshipment of the goods to the motor transport and for the subsequent transportation of the cargo by railway after customs clearance.

Modern handling equipment, weighing equipment, specialized loaders allow to carry out operations with goods transported in cars, containers and by vehicles, including operations with oversize cargoes.

Distance from the customs and logistics terminal “Ludonsky” to the border crossings:
• Customs post – railway border crossing point “Skangali” – 1.5 km
• Customs post – international automobile border crossing point “Ludonka” – 12 km
• Customs post – international automobile border crossing point “Ubylinka” – 27 km
• Distance to the railway station Pytalovo of Oktyabrskaya Railway – 1.5 km
• Customs clearance department and customs port No. 2 of the railway border crossing point Skangali of the Pskov Customs is located and operates in the territory of the CLT “Ludonsky”

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