About company

GSK Logistics Company, which is one of the largest Russian transport logistics operators, offers you its services in the field of cargo transportation by all types of land and water transport, execution of necessary documents, as well as organization of all accompanying procedures. As a result of many years of successful experience in this market, our specialists are well aware of all details and nuances of the transportation arrangement: packing and storage of the cargo, selection of transport, preparation of the optimal route, documentation, customs clearance, payment of duties, coordination of actions with government agencies, legal support and much more – we can tell you about this in great detail. Or we just deliver your cargo to the place you need in the shortest time possible!


Company mission

Every day, every hour hundreds of thousands of cargoes are transported by road, air, sea from one point of the world to another, and sometimes – to completely opposite one to the original location. Quite recently, it seemed impossible. Our mission, as we see it, is to expand the boundaries of the impossible, day after day improving the transportation services, simplifying the accompanying procedures, accelerating the registration and delivery processes. That’s how we see our contribution to the creation of the comfortable future: we go to it, perfectly carrying out our work in the present. Every day we strive to improve our services, so that people could quickly and easily ship and receive their cargoes in their entirety and good condition, avoiding any hidden hazards of the bureaucratic procedures. We believe, that there is nothing impossible for us in our field of activity, and we will be happy to convince you!

Regions of activity

General Survey Inspection Company carries out customs and logistics operations in the activity zone of the Baltic, Saint Petersburg, Pulkovo, Kingisepp, Vyborg, Novorossiysk, Vladivostok, Petrozavodsk, Smolensk, Bryansk, Pskov, Murmansk customs, customs the Central Customs Directorate, Northwest Excise customs post (specialized) of the Central Excise customs.

 Регионы деятельности компании

Our clients

ТС Магнит (ЗАО «Тандер»)
«Петербокс» (Metsä Tissue)
ТД «Меридиан»
«Perfetti Van Melle»
«ХерстШкулевМедиа» (ИнтерМедиаГрупп)
«ATRIA Group» (Пит Продукт)
«Nordic Seafood»
«METRO Cash&Carry»
«Bang & Bonsomer»
Kekkilä Oy


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